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Strongholds of timeless splendor, the cities of the Valle d’Itria rise on the hills of an Apulian hinterland rich of history and tradition, full of smells and flavors of the characteristic red earth and a beautiful sea of olive trees.

On a promontory that stands out over the sea, you will find Ostuni. Called “the White City” because of its strictly lime-painted buildings, preserves a heritage of culture and traditions that have been handed down from generation for centuries. The feast of Saint Oronzo, who is the patron of the city, is an event not to be missed, as well as the characteristic fireworks and the horse parade that crowns these festivities.
Getting lost in its alleys is a pleasure, wherever you can find churches, museums, restaurants and bars, where you will cool off during hot summer days.

Deep in the Valle d’Itria there is the symbol of Puglia: Alberobello. Recognized as “UNESCO World Heritage Site”, the “City of Trulli” is the emblem of the typicality of Puglia and how the trullo has become one of the historic buildings the most sought by tourists from all over the world. Walking in the alleys of a city that seems to have come out of a fairy tale is absolutely an experience to do in your lifes.

Finally Locorotondo, Cisternino, Martina Franca, Ceglie Messapica, surround the entire territory of the Valle d’Itria giving you multisensory sensations that you will hardly forget.


Ostuni: 70 min
Locorotondo: 60 min
Cisternino: 65 min
Martina Franca: 70 min
Ceglie Messapica: 90 min


Locorotondo: 30 min
Cisternino: 20 min
Martina Franca: 30 min
Ceglie Messapica: 20 min


Ostuni: 30min
Locorotondo: 50 min
Cisternino: 45 min
Martina Franca: 55 min
Ceglie Messapica: 40 min

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